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I know this is “a day late and a dollar short” as they say LOL  XS this and you’ll be ahead for next Valentine’s day 🙂 This is on 18 ct. white aida with DMC 666, Christmas Red – BRT – for Be Mine and one Heart, plus DMC 604 Cranberry LT – for one heart and outlines.  Ignore the black wigglies – I couldn’t figure out how to delete them once I made the mistake LOL . This piece is 42 x 42. Hope you enjoy xs-ing Be Mine, The Foursies Series from All My X’s Start in Texas 🙂  This is it xs’ed and I hope to have it made into a cushion soon.  Am having pain from my recent 2nd ankle surgery and I can’t dig around in my playroom just yet LOL  I would love to see your finished piece. Enjoy this freebie 🙂  You can click on chart and get a larger picture.  You may download this as many times as you want. You may share the chart with your friends. 🙂 You may changes the colors and threads – just have fun 🙂


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