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The last of June 10 family members went on vacation in Palacios, TX, and stayed at the Peaceful Pelican B&B.  Thanks to a wonderful nephew, we had run of the entire 3 story, 5 bedroom house. Across the street the men spent a lot of time fishing.  For a small fishing town, Palacios has several nice thrift-type stores where my sister-in-law and I amused ourselves 🙂  I didn’t get the FISH pictures on here because they just wouldn’t show up :(.


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Saturday, Oct. 9th, Richard and I went to the Catfish Festival with our daughter who was in town to see friends.  Being old folks, Richard and I came on home around 10:00 leaving Valerie with friends. We have a mobile home on the back of the land we use for extra company and she and her Chihuahuas (our grandpuppies) were staying over there.  I told her I would go over and let them outside to potty when we got home.  I did and then played inside with them on the couch and fell asleep til around 1:00 a.m. Then I decided to let them go potty one more time before I came over to my house.  Well…….. I stepped into a low spot in the yard and felt my right ankle sort of mush out of place as I fell to the ground.  My right shoe was pointing to the right and my leg was pointing to the left, but had not broken the skin thank goodness.  There I sat in the wee hours of Sunday morning – 10-10-10 and not lucky for me LOL – so I started screaming as loud as I could and not one neighbor heard me!  I finally realized I had to crawl across the lawn and up the steps into the mobile home on my KNEES!   When I got to the couch I put my right leg on the coffee table and thought I was in the Twilight Zone!  The puppies were all but hugging me and were trying to console me the best they knew how.  Richard was asleep at home and I knew the phone would not wake him, but I called it and his cell phone over and over and over and over……  I called Valerie’s cell phone and later found out she was looking for it right at that time.  I called our neighbors who had recently moved away, but still in the area, and they rushed over.  Right about then the phone finally woke Richard up and he ran thru the woods to me.  They said I had to go to the ER and either in a car or ambulance.  I chose the ambulance – first time in one!  The paramedics were wonderful to me.  The ER doctor was wonderful as well as his staff and these people made me comfortable when I could have been freaking out.  I had broken the bone on both sides of my ankle and knocked it out of socket or something like that.  They put me out for about 10 minutes to pull it back into place and get a splint and bandages thingys on me.  Tuesday I saw a foot surgeon and had surgery Wednesday and went home from the hospital Thursday.  OMG what an ordeal!!  Bless Richard for all his help – he is having to do everything for me.  We borrowed a wheelchair and he build a ramp out our front door in one afternoon.  It’s not OSHA approved LOL, but it gets me in and out of the house LOL  I see the foot dr. this Tuesday and should be able to wear a boot, but not walk on that leg for about 4 weeks.  I don’t know anything past that yet.  I’ve gone 63 years with NO broken bones – and now I’m paying for bragging about that LOL   One lady in the ER asked me if I was dancing WITHOUT a pole  LOL LOL LOL

We are buying 2 LaZboy stand up chairs – we are at the point that those will be so helpful to both of us at our ages anyway.  I have to hop around on my left leg from the recliner I have now trying to get into the wheelchair!  My left leg is NOT my best leg  LOL  I was being treated for sciatic nerve problems on the left one when this other happened.

I appreciate the well wishes I have already gotten from friends and family.  I will try to update this as I find out more from the doctor.   Everyone – TAKE CARE!!!!  🙂

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Saturday, September 18, 2010, we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary 🙂  We went to Huntsville to an antique fair and shops and had lunch at Chili’s.  We will have a little mini-getaway later on when it’s a lot cooler outside.  Our waiter took our picture:

 Since the 40th anniversary is the “RUBY” one, Richard bought me these beautiful ruby and diamond earrings shown here in the picture with the unique watch I gave him.  It is supposed to resemble a 1930’s roadster’s speedometer LOL

Here are a few things we bought:

These are vintage LEATHER postcards! I love these because I do a little leather tooling – LITTLE being the key word LOL LOL   You can still read the dates on these, too.

This is a vintage service station give-away with a thermometer and a picture of a woman doing needlework by the fireside.  I love it!  I have a thing about thermometers 🙂

This is a large heavy vintage platter with a cross stitch looking picture in the bottom.  I collect “cross stitch dishes”.

I love this old tart pan with the word in the bottom.  The cookbook has a cross stitched looking cover.  I’ve seen a lot of cookbooks like that. Strange.  This is from a group the Toledo Bend area where we’ve actually vacationed before 🙂   Thanks so much for looking at my blog. 🙂

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Dirty Birds

My brother gave me this great stone Texas shaped birdbath for Christmas and I just LOVE it!  Today the birds FINALLY found it!  Of course it’s already hot here in my part of Texas and they are all looking for a cool bath LOL  We have this between our deck and the screened in gazebo full of my doves.  I took four pictures and put them together and you can see in the bottom right one there is a squirrel on the ground wondering what is so interesting LOL LOL  Thanks for looking 🙂

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We went to the DFW area Friday thru today for our daughter’s birthday.  We all had so much fun and ate way tooooo much LOL   Valerie teaches Yoga and Saturday her dad and I attended her class and we actually made it all the way thru 🙂  He was able to do more than I was tho.  Here he is and we did have to use the wall for balance a couple of times LOL 

This is Valerie in a pose I couldn’t do! This was after class. 

 She and our SIL, Sean, ate with us at Frijoles where they have a huge Statue of Libery and this is probably as close as I’ll ever get to the real one:  We went to several thrift shops Friday and spent a lot of time Sat. afternoon at the Lone Star Antique Mall which is huge to say the least!  I love it of course.  My major buy is this xs/embroidery piece of a perpetual calendar and frame and all it is 21 x 27.  Each month piece and day number is held on with velcro and you change it around each month.  Soooo much work went into this beautiful piece and I only paid $20.00 for it!!!  I wouldn’t xs one of those round circle for that!!!  This is another piece of my Rescued Needlework  project. 

My friend Sharon came to Valerie’s with her husband and her cousins and we exchanged some things we had for each other that were too heavy to mail.   I brought some xs things to show her and also a piece to give to our friend Darlene for me.  This is called Coffee Patch and is a freebie I did for Darlene: The whole frame is really light brown – no yellow on it like the picture.  Darlene loves quilting and drinking coffee 🙂

This is a freebie from Sampler Girl called Eat Your Carrots.  The frame is from my stash:   I did this on 22ct. with one thread over one on ivory aida.  It was such a fun piece to xs.  You can find the chart on Sampler Girl site.  Thanks for check out my “new” things.  I did get more from the shops, but will show them another time. 🙂

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Tuesday I met my daughter in Corsicana, TX, so I could bring our “granddogs” home with me for a week or so.  I went early because the Russell Stover Factory and Outlet Shop is there 🙂 🙂  These are the new tins I bought.  I did buy 3 of the small blue and gold ones.  Valerie and I had chicken salad sandwiches on pecan bread from the famous Collin St. Bakery and then ate some chocolates for dessert LOL LOL  I am a tin-FREAK!  Just ask my friends LOL  Later, the grandpups and I headed for a long drive back here.  Whitman Candy Boxes New

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Our only DD and our grandpups were here for several days around Easter weekend. She and I shopped and ate and shopped some more 🙂  Years ago I xs’ed a Just Nan piece called Great Expectations with a beautiful charm of a nest with speckled eggs in it.  Valerie has wanted this for a while and I decided to give it to her now even tho it was going to be for her when she was “expecting”.  The pic with frame is sort of washed out, but the close up of  the xs shows things a little better.  Also, she saw a McCoy cookie jar at an antique place and I told her I have the same one at home.  So that went home with her, too LOL  This is probably about 35 years old at least.  It was sad to see her and the pups leave for home, but the visit was so much fun and we hope to see them again soon. 🙂

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