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I have been collecting vintage powder compacts for awhile now and wanted to incorporate them into my cross stitch.  I have turned them into needle holders by putting a piece of white sheet magnet where the powder used to be. Each one is different from the others and may have a flaw or two, but that’s the beauty of them.  Some even have initials or a name on them.  Thanks for looking at my new project. 🙂 The picture is clickable for a larger one 🙂 Oh, these were Christmas gifts for some of my stitching friends – I’m still working on more 🙂





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Vintage facial cream bottlesSM Patriotic Poinsettia House Glad TidingsVintage Bed Spring w glass holderPineberry Christmas and vintage cloth holderOne Soul and XS framedFreebie Basket roses LK Pie and Niky ChristmasBeautiful Lady Vintage pincushionTin w XS, Sunflower, Joy, Small SunflowerLongaberger Basket w liner and signed

Im so behind on posting so this is going to be a mixture of xs and thrift shop buys.  If you have any questions, please email me or put them in the comments area on here.  Thanks for looking 🙂

I collect the white jars that used to hold facial cream.  The old bed spring makes a good flower/vase holder. Up the other way you can put an old hankie in it in a cone shape. The beautiful doll pincushion was a gift from Sharon as well as the tiny sunflower pincushion and the lower right white jar.  The basket was from an antique shop and it seems brand new and was a great price even with the signature.  All pictures are clickable for enlarging.

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Christmas ornie front back 12 1Here are the fronts and backs of my newly finished ornies which are now hanging on our tree 🙂

Vintage pin cushion front bottom 2012

This is a recent antique purchase – a beautiful vintage pin cushion.  Thanks for looking 🙂

Christmas ornie front back 12 2

More ornies.  Click for larger pictures.

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Went to a great estate sale today, but they didn’t have all the boxes emptied and will have everything out tomorrow.  Here is what I got today:  This is  an original Clyde Gray painting on tiles.  I thought the info on the back was interesting, too.   Next is a beautiful (in person) framed picture of the Last Supper.  I couldn’t get a better picture for some reason.  Then there are two wonderful vintage brooches and tomorrow I’m going thru the jewelry a little better 🙂  I got this nice white plate to use later for a xs “frame”.  Last is the Jonathan & David kids holding a 50th anniversary plate.  We’re not there yet, but working toward it 🙂

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I am now able to wear normal shoes as my ankle is – supposed to be – better.  Three toes are still a little numb and there is a tightness around my ankle, but hopefully time will take care of this.  If you have been reading my blog you will remember my two freebie designs I put on here for everyone.  I have pictures to show you of Sharon’s finishes – which are always just amazing!

The hearts are all beads! 

The letters are all done in beads!

Thursday and Friday we went to Salado, TX, where there are sooo many neat shops and I do believe we made all of them LOL  Of course the more “flea market-like” the better I like them 🙂  Here are some of our buys – but not all cause I bought some gifts that I can’t show right now.

This is a vintage sprinkler and also a dragonfly doorknocker – they are NOT connected, just pictured together.

Clock in a nice box with drawer.

Cattails metal art – really hard to get a better picture.

Two Avon bottles and a small leather coin purse.

New keychain and mirror compact.

Very large square jar with metal lid and ceramic insert.

Four pretty vases with flowers and their carrier – by Marjolem Bastin.

New fabric from a quilt shop.  Much prettier in person.

My husband just laughs at this sign – he does most of the cooking LOL

Beautiful teapot cozy front and back.

Fabric pear, square frame, Penguin face fan and little tote with kitchen cloths in it.

The next picture is of my new design – May Flowers. I will try to get the chart on here for anyone wanting to xs my freebie.  You can also email me for the chart at texas522girl@yahoo.com .  Thanks so much for looking at my “new” things 🙂

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Saturday, September 18, 2010, we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary 🙂  We went to Huntsville to an antique fair and shops and had lunch at Chili’s.  We will have a little mini-getaway later on when it’s a lot cooler outside.  Our waiter took our picture:

 Since the 40th anniversary is the “RUBY” one, Richard bought me these beautiful ruby and diamond earrings shown here in the picture with the unique watch I gave him.  It is supposed to resemble a 1930’s roadster’s speedometer LOL

Here are a few things we bought:

These are vintage LEATHER postcards! I love these because I do a little leather tooling – LITTLE being the key word LOL LOL   You can still read the dates on these, too.

This is a vintage service station give-away with a thermometer and a picture of a woman doing needlework by the fireside.  I love it!  I have a thing about thermometers 🙂

This is a large heavy vintage platter with a cross stitch looking picture in the bottom.  I collect “cross stitch dishes”.

I love this old tart pan with the word in the bottom.  The cookbook has a cross stitched looking cover.  I’ve seen a lot of cookbooks like that. Strange.  This is from a group the Toledo Bend area where we’ve actually vacationed before 🙂   Thanks so much for looking at my blog. 🙂

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I recently finished these 3 xs pieces which will probably become pin cushions:

I made this pin cushion for Sharon’s bd.  It’s part of Rose Garden by Blackbird Designs.  The cushion is on top of the backing fabric.

Recently I went antiquing with a friend and found all sorts of must-haves – especially the old sewn things to add to my Rescued Needlework Project:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mug saying!  I hope I can fit into my car’s back window safely LOL The Ruby Wedding vase caught my eye because we are coming up on our 40th anniversary 🙂 The other piece – not sure what it is – is very unique with ONE handle and it’s hollow like a spout!  Made in Czech.

 Thanks again for looking 🙂 Everyone have a great and SAFE Labor Day Weekend coming up 🙂

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