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Saturday was my 63rd birthday.  Yes, I said it LOL LOL  I told my husband I wanted to eat lunch at Red Lobster and then go to the largest antique mall in Texas, which is in Houston.  We had soooo much fun eating and shopping!  This antique mall is pretty pricey, but we managed to find a few reasonable things I couldn’t live without LOL 

 The brown thing is a carved eagle – we collect all different carvings like this.  Behind the eagle you can sort of see two acorn shaped crystal items that are really salt and pepper shakers.  They  are very heavy and just beautiful in person.  To the right is an old plastic box with a basket on it and it’s full of buttons and odds and ends.  In front of the button box is a lady holding a flower and the center of the flower is a pin cushion.  I collect vintage pin cushions.  Over to the left is a Precious Moments trinket box.  I love PM 🙂   All these things are on top of a hand-embroidered Laundry bag.  It doesn’t appear old, but very pretty just the same.  We also got a bag of gold charms that are sunshine shaped each with a face.  Our daughter makes jewelry and she knows how to make things look vintage as you will see in the next picture.

 The round necklace with the beautiful bird picture was  from my daughter for Mother’s Day and she found it in a unique shop.  The necklace with the mask – which I call “grungy”  LOL is what she made me for my birthday.  She put everything together and it’s wonderful in person.  I love both necklaces, but the one she made for me is really special 🙂

 Before my husband and I left to eat out and shop, he gave me a beautiful card and this gorgeous yellow red-tipped rose plant.   It can be kept in the house so maybe I can keep it alive! 🙂

  This hilarious card and Ghirardelli candy are from Sharon and Darlene.  Those girls know me well giving me DARK chocolate with RASPBERRY.   I’m NOT sharing  LOL LOL  We 3 did share a mini-birthday cake when they were down here last week.  Eating cake with girlfriends – PRICELESS!!!!!

  These are from another xs friend, Jane 🙂  She sent a nice card, a beautiful xs piece she made and a great tin full of Russell Stover candies!!  She always comes up with the best tins – I think I’ve mentioned before I’m a tin-freak LOL LOL  I love anything patriotic and this xs fits right into my collection 🙂

  I don’t know what I did to deserve all the wonderful things Anita sent me, but I LOVE everything.  I see some thread got over the colorful scissors she sent, but they are just below the short fat pair that is soooo cute!   Some of the threads are Carrie’s Threads and the others are Gentle Arts.  These colors are sooooo pretty and I want to start using them soon.   The needles will come in handy as I tend to bend and break needles!  Don’t ask LOL LOL  The Just Pins sets are adorable!  They will be fun to use.   She made me the beautiful heart-shaped xs using a design I love, but never have xs’ed yet.  She finished it into a floss keep.  I love that type finish and need to get back to making them again.   All these things are on a pink and clear plastic bag with zipper and 3 holes so you can put it in a binder!   Now how neat is that!

The friendship alone of all my xs buds means soooo much to me.  Thanks to family and friends for making this a great – old – but,  great birthday LOL LOL  Love you all!   P.S. Pictures are clickable for closer-ups 🙂


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This is Jenny Bean’s Pin Tuffet by Shakespeare’s Peddler xs’ed on 18 ct. white aida I tea-dyed after finishing the xs.  This was a fun piece to work on.  Hopefully I can make it into a round pin “tuffet” soon.  I am showing it before and after tea-dying.  Thanks for looking 🙂

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http://blog.thevintageworkshop.com/?p=1618&cpage=3#comment-7685  here you will find a wonderful contest for a “Fresh From the Garden” gift set.  Leave a comment on that site to be in the drawing.  You can see the wonderful pictures on that link.  This site has many many great ideas for all your projects.  Thanks for looking 🙂

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Dirty Birds

My brother gave me this great stone Texas shaped birdbath for Christmas and I just LOVE it!  Today the birds FINALLY found it!  Of course it’s already hot here in my part of Texas and they are all looking for a cool bath LOL  We have this between our deck and the screened in gazebo full of my doves.  I took four pictures and put them together and you can see in the bottom right one there is a squirrel on the ground wondering what is so interesting LOL LOL  Thanks for looking 🙂

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