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Thursday, Oct. 15, Sharon & Darlene came to visit me for a few days. Friday morning, the 16th, we went with my husband to get a medical test result which was fantastic so we girls then went on to the Quilt Show at the GRB Convention Center in Houston.  My GPS, also affectionately known as “bitchin’ Betty” LOL, guided us right to the front door of the convention center 🙂  Thanks to Sharon for driving us there in Darlene’s car 🙂 LOL The Quilt Show was huge and I mean HUGE.  I could barely walk it.  When we got lost from each other we would text and meet up until we got lost again LOL  We had lunch there and then proceeded to see the most overwhelming amount of fat quarters and beautiful quilts you can imagine.  I don’t quilt, but Darlene does and is teaching this beautiful art to Sharon.  I just love fat quarters LOL LOL  We left around 4:30 that afternoon and being prime-time Friday afternoon Houston traffic time it took us 2 hours to get home, but we LOL’ed the whole entire way.  Saturday, we went to 3 Stitches, my LNS, then took Darlene to our favorite lunch spot – RJ Goodies – a tea room/bakery. Yummmmy! We then went to the Hen House which is a fun fabric shop and on back to Conroe to a fabric shop there. During the outing we also hit two Hobby Lobby stores. We came home to recoup and get my husband so he could take us out for Mexican food LOL  We have a small 2-bedroom trailer for company so Sharon and Darlene had a nice roomy place to stay and we tried to make it comfy like home. That night we each xs’ed on each other’s Quaker Heart we had done as a SAL before our 3-Treat. Pictures will be below. We knew Sunday would come around and they would have to pack for home.  Their visit was very theraputic for me especially since our friend Linda passed.  I haven’t LOL’d so much in I don’t know when.  Sharon was gracious enough to make gifts for Darlene and me.  She made a quilted pin cushion for Darlene. She made me the teenie tiniest bird sitting on a tin oil can and it’s just precious – did I mention it is TINY!!!  I will put pictures below of different purchases from our two day outings.  Sharon and Darlene you both are always welcome here and I am looking forward to our next “retreat” – I mean 3-TREAT!!  Love you both, gfs!Dolls 3 Sharon made Dolls Sharon made for us. We are using their pictures instead of our own LOL LOL  First is Sharon’s, then mine and then Darlene’s.  Aren’t they too sweet!!Quaker Hearts and dolls 2 These are our Quaker Hearts and I’ll have better pictures up close when we finish them into cushions. Quilt Show Buys 1 Shopping purchases. Quilt Show Buys 2 More shopping purchases. Quilt Show Buys 3 I put the bead fob on the Love Scissors. The tin is completely blank. Bird on Can from SS front back Is this not the most precious tiny xs or what!!!!  I know a lot of work and love went into this piece.  Thank you, Sharon 🙂 🙂


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