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I am thrilled with my thrift shop finds today.  This is a Jim Shore piece called With Liberty and Justice For All – a mere $3.00 in fine shape.  I have quite a collection of Jim Shore pieces 🙂

This is a most beautiful clear glass swan dish and its neck is the handle:

This beautiful bellpull is at least 4′ long and the hardware is very very heavy.  I bought it mainly for the hardware so I can use it later for xs bellpulls.  This was a mere $4.00!!

Two fun things I bought: a little tin with Singer on it and a picture of an old sewing machine.  Also a little lighted base that has 3 different colors – blue, red and yellow – and you put a clear etched glass type thing on top.  These two items do NOT go together.

Almost forgot I bought this cute Gingerbread Man crochet ornie and also a roll of really unique Christmas ribbon:


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I recently pulled out a jillion (yes a JILLION) finished xs pieces and went thru my frame stash finding frames for each one.  Some pieces have been waiting a long time for me to get in the framing mood again LOL  I still have many many more to frame or finish another way.  Thanks for looking 🙂

The next picture is of a freebie by Cosmic Handmade called Friends.  I stitched this for my friend Sharon and put her and Darlene’s initials on there cause they are bestest friends. 🙂

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I recently received the most wonderful grab bag of San-Man designs!  I immediately started and finished three of the many in my pkg.  The tuckaway came with the chart You Are Music to My Heart.  The adorable orange flip-flops (I still want to call them THONGS  LOL LOL) came with that chart and the teeny tiny silver/green tree charm came with the Merry & Bright design.  These were soooo much fun to xs!  The two frames are from my “little” frame stash 🙂  I still have many more S-M charts to do 🙂  Thanks for looking 🙂

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