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My ankle still has a lot of pain and I went to a foot/ankle specialist recently.  He said I have a torn ligament which requires another surgery.  No one ever told me this in the beginning or that I should consult a specialist!  I’ve had a ton of therapy which I think has only aggravated my problem!  Not sure of surgery date yet, but hopefully within the next two weeks.  Meanwhile, I have been xs’ing and have put 3 things in tucks – love those fast finishes.  The tucks were made by Sharon and are just perfect as usual 🙂 🙂

I also want to thank my xs friends for all the beautiful Christmas things.  I am sorry I didn’t get pictures of everything before putting them around the house, on the tree, etc.   🙂

This is a La-D-Da freebie.

Three tuck finishes and San-Man August.

Tiny flower and tiny deer by Sampler Girl on each side of LK Snowman ’10.  The LK was sent to me by Jane and I had fun xs’ing him.


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